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Automotive Detailing Services Offered:

Detailing will be charged at my normal hourly rate and I recommend the following to provide
a show-quality shine:
    - Hand wash
    - 1 to 3 stage random-orbit polish (# of stages required depends on oxidation level)
    - Clean windows inside and out
    - Vacuum
    - Shine tires
    - Clean wheel wells
    - Clean exhaust tip
    - Clean door jambs
    - Spot clean the carpet (and upholstery if cloth)

The options above will take approximately 4 hours on a normal car.   A large car and/or a very dirty car will
take longer.   You are welcome to choose which options to concentrate on or eliminate.

Polishing and waxing will only be provided if a covered area is available.  Either your garage or carport.
Polishing in the sun may damage your finish and will not be attempted.

This is an excellent birthday gift idea.

First-impressions are important....if you are selling your vehicle, going out on a first date, or drive clients around in your business, consider getting a showroom shine first!

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