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Reverse Osmosis
Water Filter

Watts Premier 4-stage 
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
(Actual product may look different than photo)


Watts Premier 4-stage  reverse osmosis water filtration system. 

Standard installation includes locating the unit in the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink, installing the faucet on top of the sink, and connecting all lines in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.   Install time typically takes about 2 hours.

Installing a line to the ice maker is an option and will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

Four Stage Reverse Osmosis. This popular system reduces lead, chromium, radium, and several other contaminants  from your water (see chart below).

We have one of these in our house and I can attest it is the key to pure drinking and cooking water.  No more water that tastes like dirt!  We also use it for making ice, juice, coffee, and filling up the iron.

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